PoseBook Teaser
PoseBook, Teaser, 2013

Cover of the EXPAT book, 2009
EXPAT will be on dispay at PhotoIreland_Festival. The project was chosen for the exhibition on migration at the book and magazine fair that will take place from June 13 – 15.

EXPAT is available for € 29,80 through karamboo.org and at your local bookshop. The book with the ISBN 978-3-00-028111-2 contains 64 pages with interviews and portraits of western expatriates that live in the Philippines by their free will.

Packshot of the H1N1 – Prêt à Porter pamphlet, 2011
H1N1 – Prêt à Porter is a pamphlet with photographs of japanese women wearing masks to protect themselves from H1N1 taken in November 2009 in Fukuoka, Japan. The pamphlet contains 24 pages with an introduction by Martina Merten in English and Japanese. This limited edition of 250 numbered and signed copies is avalable in your local bookshop for € 19.– (ISBN 978-3-00-034951-5) or at karamboo.org

PENETRATION in a box, 2010.
PENETRATION in a box is an edition of the PENETRATION video project. The cube measures 31 x 31 x 31 cm and plays the video and sounds as a stand-alone object.

A flip book of the PENETRATION project is now available for € 12.– Let's flip!



Cover of 脚/Legs - the book, popular edition, 2010


脚/LEGS by Benjamin Füglister, exclusive edtion, 2010

Postcards set, 脚/LEGS, 2010

Insight of 脚/LEGS by Benjamin Füglister, 2010

Untitled, from Legs, 2009

Untitled, from H1N1 prêt à porter, 2009

Untitled, from Luminous. Radiant, 2009

Insight of «PENETRATION» by Benjamin Füglister, 2008
The book «PENETRATION» shows several series of photographs of a PENETRATION model and serves as a kind of flip book as all the images are printed chronologically. It includes an essay by Fritz Franz Vogel in English and German. The book with an edition of 4 + 2 AB is available for € 280.–. «PENETRATION» is a book with 160 pages, hard cover and is registered under ISBN 978-3-033-01771-9. Each copy is numbered, dated and signed by the artist.